Riding Guidelines

Riding Guidelines

Do not enter the arena or any other area containing horses unless a Wrangler is with you.

Please listen to and follow instructions from ANY Wrangler!

Parents please supervise your children. This is for their safety.

Children under 6 may not ride alone.

Do not make LOUD noises or sudden movements while around horses.

Do not duck under a horse, either under their neck or belly. This can cause the horse to spook and you could be injured.

Long pants and closed toed shoes are highly recommended. We often ride through brush and trees. These protect feet and legs.

We have helmets available in many sizes. We recommend that riders wear one. We strongly recommend that riders under age 10 ride with one.

Always approach a horse from the side and speak to the horse to let them know you are there.

Do not mount or dismount without a Wrangler’s permission or assistance. This is for everyone’s safety.

Riding double is discouraged.

Please leave about 12 inches between horses while on the Trail.