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At Double R Horseback Rides we want to provide a positive and memorable experience with horses. 


$75 per hour per person/horse

Minimum charge - $150

Each Horseback Ride is scheduled for a specific time frame and/or trail. Please arrive a few minutes, prior to the scheduled ride time. This is to allow us to meet and greet everyone, and and ensures that all riders participate in orientation before the activity begins. All rides must be booked ahead of time, no last minute drop-ins.

We are pleased to announce that Double R Horseback Rides will be stepping in as the facilitators of the Horseback Riding activities at Kingfisher Bend Ranch! Double R Horseback Rides will now also offer rides to those not staying at KBR. Our family has been providing horseback rides for visitors to the Kingfisher Bend Ranch since the fall of 2015, and are excited to be expanding the horseback riding activity beyond visitors staying at KBR. 

At Double R Horseback Rides, we strive to accommodate all of our Riders, regardless of skill level. We appreciate the time it takes to get acclimated to being on a new horse, and so each of our rides will start in the arena area. There, we take the time to instruct all the Riders on The Riding Guidelines and allow Riders to meet the horses before mounting, adjusting tack, and ensuring everyone is comfortable before heading out on the scheduled trail ride.

Each group is unique and we want to make each riding experience fit with your group.  We will try to tailor each ride to the group scheduled. For younger Riders, we can take the opportunity to lead them in the arena. For large groups we can alternate riders on the individual horses during the allotted time frame of the ride. Communication is the key to a great experience so please tell us about you and your group when you contact us. 

Family Arena Riding.jpg

The chart below is used to insure

both rider and horse

safety and comfort

At Double R Horseback Rides we care deeply about our horses and want them to enjoy the experience as much as you do.


Our horses have their own, unique personalities, much like people do. And, just like people, can have good days and bad days. If a particular horse is having a bad day, that horse will not be used for rides. Your ride time may be adjusted to compensate without any additional charges based on our current, available horses at the time of the ride.


As always, we will strive to make the best match possible between horse and rider, so everyone can have a memorable time. 

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